Is It Time For Brady And Bellichik To Move On?

With the Patriots sitting at an atrocious 10-2, losing 1st place in the AFC, and the hatred of fans and others’ opinions lingering, it’s time we face the big-time question; should Thomas Edward Patrick Brady and Bill Bellichik move on? Move on from the NFL, the Patriots, who knows what?

And to the statement above I’d just like to say to anyone questioning this–FUCK YOU…


We hear and see the same story every single year. Patriots lose a game or play a bad game and the whole League jumps down their throats that “The dynasty is over”, “Tom Brady is too old”, blah blah blah. I’ll be honest I’m getting sick of it but at the same time it’s music to my ears. Weird, right? Every single year the same scenario happens and it usually drives the Patriots, which is the good side. On the other hand, why is this questioned so much? Anyone decently interested in football knows for a fact to never count the Patriots down and out, just ask the Falcons (boom roasted) about that.

Point is, as I stated in BOTA Cast last night, the Patriots are not at a point of worry yet. Sure this season has been a little flat. The Patriots have had a pretty easy schedule to start the season. Lamar Jackson and the Ravens exposed the shit out of them. The defense and special teams is the glue holding the team together right now. And to be perfectly honest, I’m fine with that. The Pats are sitting at 10-2, offense has been subpar at best and I’ll be the first to say Brady hasn’t had the best season thus far. But for anyone that knows how the Patriot’s organization is run, you can bet your ass that Bellichik is PISSED with the way this team has been performing. Plus, we know the Brady is PISSED with this offense. He’s mad at himself the most I believe, but he knows something something must change and soon. Bellichik has things under control and I truthfully believe the Pats will find their rhythm soon, hopefully making a statement this weekend against the Chiefs, but we’ll play it by year.

On to the offense. Brady’s speech during the Texans game was spot on. I’ve been noticing for a few weeks now how there is hardly any separation from the receivers and it’s taking it’s toll. Exactly like Brady said, we need the receivers to be ‘more explosive’ and find the openings given. The O-line isn’t much help either, but definitely starting to see a slight improvement to give Brady some time in the pocket. The biggest surprise for me though is the rushing game. Sony Michel has a ton of talent and it’s been awhile since we’ve seen the amazing skills he has to offer. The offense needs something, anything, to perk it back up, and I have faith that they will find it within the next few weeks.

All that being said, I’m not too worried just yet. The Patriots are known for bringing the power when it’s needed most, and I believe we’ll all see it soon. Bellichik is probably having the team run laps six hours per day, and I think the whole team is ready for a big win. Let’s go get that seventh ring and lets go Pats!

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