A Soggi Perspective: Super Bowl 54 Preview: A Brady Bunch Reunion

Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo are both poised for a Super-Bowl Showdown.

Before we dive any deeper into this, would you expect anything else for the end of the NFL’s 100th season? The greatest quarterback in NFL history, facing his former heir? The NFL’s top 2 defenses facing each other? East vs West. Brady vs his childhood team. The team of the 80’s facing the juggernaut of the last 2 decades. You could say that the media will have some headline material if these two teams face off.

In reality, this is something that could very well happen. Both teams are sitting pretty at 10-1, and will most likely have a first-round bye come playoff time. The 49ers are rolling teams right now, just coming off a 37-8 drubbing of the Green Bay Packers. The Patriots are coming off an amazing defensive performance, limiting the Dallas Cowboys to just 3 field goals. Both teams are rolling, and it would honestly be an amazing story line if these two teams eventually met up in the Super-Bowl. I’m still not opposed to see Rodgers vs Brady in the big game, but I don’t know if the Rodgers’ magic will be enough to carry his team in the postseason. A Super-Bowl 47 rematch is entirely possible, as the Ravens are the team to beat right now. There are plenty of juicy headlines for this upcoming Super-Bowl.

None of them matchup to the hype that could be generated by the potential Patriots 49ers showdown. I think for the NFL, this matchup would generate the biggest watchability factor. This potential game would check all of the boxes. A known villain in Tom Brady and the Patriots, a rising star in Jimmy Garoppolo and two of the league’s premier defenses. Also, there could be a little bit of revenge with Kyle Shanahan being the former Offensive Coordinator for the Falcons from the 2015 to 2017 season. As I am sure every one and their mother knows, he was there for the legendary 28-3 collapse against the Patriots in 2016. For all of those reasons, this matchup should provide the NFL with endless headlines.

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