Common Man Comments: “Back” edition

I haven’t done one of these in too long. With all the major loses this season I figured it would be a good time to bring back. Let’s start at the top

I really love making fun of Texas. Their fans are ridiculous. Passionate, but ridiculous.

My favorite thing about a loss is when they go into burn it down mode. You know Baylor is ranked right?
Note: Texas hasn’t been a real threat for years. Also, Joe Bama. I can’t tell if you’re from Alabama, which doesn’t make sense as to why you are a Texas fan, or if you are making an Obama joke.
For the love of god, please get into the cheese it bowl. Steven, it’s Texas you got steak and football, people are going to go to the games. He has some good points though
Let’s finish off with the most unfortunate gif for Texas fans

Oregon lost to a .500 Arizona state this weekend. They were my dark horse for the playoff. Let’s see how the fans are doing?

Losing, in fact, is not the move. They want arroyos head on a platter in usual fan overreaction fashion. I don’t know what they have against former Red Sox pitcher Bronson arroyo, but they really hate him.

Honestly, the fans were pretty level headed it’s a shame so let’s check in on Green Bay.

Kick it off strong. My illegitimate father, Kirk Cousins, is better than Aaron Rodgers….. k. Left on read.
BURN IT DOWN. 8-3 MODE. Seriously though, Kirk is better than Aaron ?
Jacob. You’re a lair. You. Thought you were going to win. That’s fine. I thought the browns were going to lose three games this year and that’s it. Just accept it. KIRK COUSINS???? REALLY????
Welcome to the reasonable reaction section. Penn state lost to their rivals Ohio state in a tough game.
Look at the support good for you all !
No wait…. I found the hate
This one is better than the Kirk take. This guy forgot penn state had a football team.
They were boring. The U fans are just defeated. It’s kind of a shame. They are the Florida Long horns.
Let’s finish in Texas.
To be fair! It was a bad call.
I agree they should cut ties with Garrett. Leave him in a field.
Okay, this was confusing. Do you want to fire Garrett? Is he coach clap? Did you try typing an emoji? Or are you cheering?

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