A Soggi Perspective: The NFC East is Seeing Ghosts

The NFC East has been the worst division BY FAR this year. They are 0-4 against the Patriots and 1-2 against the Bills, the two teams in the AFC East that are above .500.

Has there been a worse division this year guys? Seriously? The NFC East is in shambles. They are making the AFC East look like an actual division. Only one team has a winning record against the supposed “worst division” in the NFL. That team right now is the Eagles, who beat the Bills and Jets. However, they sit at 5-6 on the year, because they have been unable to stay healthy. Both sides of the ball have taken significant hits. Carson Wentz looks like Carson Has-Been, as in Carson has been terrible this year. His quarterback rating is 62.4, and he has only thrown for 2500 yards. Not what many expected from such a coveted player. This is the same Carson Wentz that was LEADING the MVP race in 2018 before his untimely injury (it ended up working out for the Eagles anyways).

The Giants and Redskins have been abysmal, only mustering a combined 4 wins. By comparison, the Patriots, 49ers, sitting at 10-1, all have more wins than the Eagles, Redskins, and Giants COMBINED (they have 9 wins combined). That is a ridiculous stat. Something else that is insane, the ENTIRE division only has 2 wins against teams that are above .500. Both of those wins are credited to the Eagles, and the came against the Packers and the Bills. The entire division has a 15-29 record. That’s terrible. The next closest divisional record is a tie between the AFC West and North with 24 losses (the AFC West has played one more game as a division). Not only that, they boast the worst divisional point differential in the league, sitting at a combined -135 point differential on the year. The best division is the NFC West, with a divisional point differential of 174. That’s also insane.

Last, and certainly least, is ‘Dem Boys. The Cowboys are the NFC East’s only team above .500. Sitting at 6-5, the Cowboys have one of the best passing attacks with Dak Prescott at the helm, and his supporting cast of Amari Cooper, Randell Cobb, and Michael Gallup. All three receivers are having good years under the Garrett regime, especially Cooper. When he was traded to the Cowboys last year, he made an immediate impact. However, the Cowboys haven’t been able to get out of their own way. The team is 6-0 against teams at or below .500, but they are winless (0-5) against teams above .500. They have yet to win a big game in primetime against a good opponent.

When it comes to the worst of the worst, the NFC East takes the cake. The division features to of the worst teams in the Giants and Redskins. It also features both of the NFC’s biggest disappointments in the Eagles and Cowboys. Listen guys, someone has to win this division. It’ll most likely be the Cowboys, but at this point, who cares. Neither team that comes out of that division will win a playoff game this year. In fact, I GUARENTEE that the NFC East’s only playoff team will be one and done. If the Cowboys (or Eagles, can you really trust the Cowboys?) win a playoff game, I will shave all of the hair off of my face, eyebrows included. Quote me on that. Stay soggi my people. Cha Boi is out.

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