This Week in the NHL: The Tale of Two Saves

Image result for tuukka rask save vs buffalo
Marc-Andre Fluery makes an incredible glove save against the Leafs on Tuesday night.
Image result for tuukka rask save vs buffalo
The Challenger, Tuukka Rask, makes an out of this world blocker HAND save on Buffalo Thursday night.

These past two days have given us some of the best spectacular saves the NHL world has ever witnessed. Both goalies involved, Marc-Andre Fluery of the Vegas Golden Knights and Tuukka Rask of the Boston Bruins, are no strangers to making show-stopping saves. The two have been top goaltenders in the league for sometime, and they have had plenty of time to rack up their share of saves.

The two saves in question happened on Tuesday and Thursday respectively, both coming against Atlantic Division opponents who have been reeling as of late. Both the Leafs and the Sabres have been playing poorly as of late, and both teams had a chance to tie the game in the third period. If not for these two tendies, both the Golden Knights and the Bruins would have given up their third period leads. Both saves have pretty equal value, being that that stopped the opposing team from rallying. I have to say however, Rask’s was more timely.

Regardless of circumstance, both saves were nothing short of spectacular. Fluery had to turn around and lunge backwards at the net, BARELY trapping the puck in his glove. Rask on the other hand, fell backwards and dove across the goal mouth, tracked down the puck in mid-air, and caught it with his HAND. Both took extreme concentration, and perfection.

My point on these saves is that being a goalie in the NHL is nothing short of spectacular. These guys must be drugged out, because they get paid to track down a three inch vulcanized rubber puck, which oh by the way, is coming at the at speeds upwards of 100 mph (that looks even faster in kph, for you Canadian folk). Whether or not you agree, one has to realize how difficult and dangerous being a hockey goaltender is. I think that they are by far, the best bread of athletes on the planet. The reaction time that some of these tendies have is ridiculous. I want to know though, which save do you think was better? My money is on the Rask save. If you are willing to catch a puck with your bare hand, (yes, he was wearing the blocker, but come on, the hand part of a blocker has NO PADDING) you deserve the spot. That is just one humble Soggi Boi’s opinion.

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