Mason Rudolph is a Racist and Myles Garrett is Justified….Maybe

Last Thursday nights debacle seems to have to come to a close with a finale that should surprise no one. Myles is still suspended and Mason Rudolph’s fat head got away with being a dick.

Myles Garrett had his appeal heard today. He stood on the basis that he can’t be suspended in definitely according to the CBA. Oh and another thing. MYLES PULLED THE RACE CARD. Myles claims that he was provoked to attack Rudolph after he kicked him and called him a racial slur.

His big dumb head for reference

Rudolph, who looks like every ex-boyfriend from a romantic comedy staring Katherine Heigl, was quick to deny the rumors and felt attacked by the accusation.

Is this in the notes app? What lawyer writes a statement in the notes app?

This was Rudolph’s second defense after his lawyer told him “ My best friend is black” isn’t a valid response. The NFL found no proof of Rudolph using any slur during the fight. Although he might be dumb, I doubt he’s racist. When he was pushed down, Rudolph could’ve very easily said something much worse than “son of a bitch” to Larry Ogunjobi.

All jokes aside, Rudolph could’ve been seriously injured by Garrett. That is nothing to joke about. As a Browns fan, I’m required to take the side of my boys. As a human, I understand both sides. Racism is an issue and is never an answer, Myles doesn’t seem like the type to just pop off. However, he did assault another human with intent to harm.

The Dawg Pound will be without our defensive star for the year, but it’s nice to see the rivalry back.

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