Gronk is Using His Return From Retirement for Profit…and I’m Kind Of About It

Robert, two times? Two separate occasions? You can’t keep using you coming out of retirement to attract people to an announcement. But also, keep doing it because I love the responses.

I love anarchy, I love angry Pats fans. This hits both of my loves on one foul swoop. Gronk announced today that he will be bringing a beach festival to the Super Bowl in Miami. He led into this, by teasing that he had a huge announcement.

Does that sound familiar? It should. Robert did this earlier this year with his CBD company, CBDMEDIC. He built up New England just to tare them down.

I should hate this. I mean, the Pats are my second team, my side chick if you will. I can’t help but love every tweet and reply though. The New England area has turned on one of its most loved characters. HE WAS IN A DUNKIN AD FOR GODSAKE.

Forget about the guy who thought he was, “coming out,” which is a bold prediction Kevin. Everyone seems to hate him.

Laura hates you and doesn’t understand that there’s an IR for life. He’s a millionaire he will be fine. Also, Martin, don’t try to pretend like you’re a fantasy genius. Ya dumb. You did the same thing that a million people did with Calvin Johnson. I can’t hate.

Even Mike is confused. Someone explain to him what CTE is. Gronk you are killing people out here (metaphorically). Keep it up please!

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