A Soggi Perspective: The Foxborough Special

Julian Edleman throwing the lone touchdown for the Patriots on Sunday afternoon.

On a day that showcased some great comeback wins, none was sweeter than this. The Patriots were outplayed heavily in the first quarter, finding themselves down 10-0 early on. The Patriots offense sputtered the whole first half, only being able to score 9 points while having all of those field goals come in the red zone. The past couple of games, this Patriots offense has had a terrible showing in the red zone. When the half was over, the Patriots were still down 10-9. The defense was able to show up and shut down the Eagles for the rest of the game. The first drive of the second half resulted in the only touchdown of the day for the Patriots offense. The drive was capped off with a 15 yard touchdown pass from…. Julian Edelman?

In New England, this is nothing new. Edelman was a quarterback at Kent State, and was drafted as such by the Patriots in the 7th round of the 2009 draft. In 2014, during the Divisional Round Playoffs, Edelman heaved a bomb of a pass to Danny Amendola to tie that game against the then Flacco-led Ravens. In this game, Edelman finds Phillip Dorsett for the eventual game winning touchdown. As those of you that watched the game know, the Patriots would stay ahead permanently.

Clearly, this play is a Patriots staple when the offense is in need of a spark. They have gone to it before, and it has worked. This time was no different. Therefore, mockingly, I shall dub this play the “Foxborough Special” as a tough reminder that this Super 52 revenge game didn’t really live up to the hype. Neither of these teams are what they were 2 years ago. Although, the Patriots still somehow manage to roll. I need to talk to Belichick, and find out where he’s growing these damn Patriot players. I’ve never seen so many late round draft picks become bonafide/near Hall of Famers, let alone even be serviceable (Brady, Welker, Edelman).

Thought I’d spice it up by adding some color, let me know how you like it ;).

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