An Evening Quickie: 2 U’s, 2 K’s, and 2 Consecutive Shootout Losses.

Here we go Boston sports fans. Here comes the Tuukka Rask we all know and love. The Bruins are on a 4 game loosing streak, and have lost 2 consecutive games in the shootout. On Tuesday night against the Panthers, they held a 4-0 LEAD IN THE THIRD PERIOD. What unfolded in that third period was nothing short of a tragedy. They gave up 4 goals, and ultimately lost in the shootout for the second game in a row.

I DETEST the shootout. Now, being a Bruins fan, I do have questionable bias, as the Bruins almost never win in a shootout. However, I really think that there needs to be a better way to decide which team gets the extra point than 5 minutes of 3 on 3 puck, then a frilly skills competition. Come playoff time, you compete every second for every inch of ice. During the regular season, it’s a frozen talent show after 5 minutes of decently entertaining product. What they should instead do is start with 4 on 4, then move down to 3 on 3. That way you are still having less people on the ice, and it doesn’t result in a mediocre attempt by the League to showboat its best players for an extra point. Hockey is about way more than that.

Hockey takes skill, don’t get me wrong. What those men do on the ice is incredible. However, hockey takes grit. If you want the product to continue on, take the shootout, and puuuuuush it somewhere else (that was for my Sponge-bob people). Not in my league, thank you. Oh, and his name is Puke-a Rask. Until he legitimately wins a cup, he will keep this name.

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