The Faces of BOTA: An Ode to Mediocracy

I had some free time and wanted to do a piece on the guys here at BOTA. I’ll have them kind of give little blurbs about themselves, and then they will have to answer some do or die, serious questions. Let’s begin! *Disclaimer* We have a special guest appearance on the blog this time! Chris’ brother and my main man K-yle out here saving lives. We at BOTA appreciate your sacrifice and dedication J Krizzy.

Tell the BOTA World about yourself!

Chris – I’m a BIG Boston sports guy, it’s just who I am. Love to watch and play most sports; with Baseball, Football, and Hockey being my favorites. I enjoy fantasy sports very much and kinda-sorta into the whole betting scene as I find it fascinating. Big fan of shitting on opposing teams ESPECIALLY the Browns because James is a *cough*bandwagon fan*cough* and how dare he. Also Zack is very biased don’t let his sogginess and pretty face fool you.

James- I’m the typical dumb brain fan. I’m always down to watch any sport, but there are three teams I care about, The Browns, The Red Sox, and Liverpool. Basically I’m the worst Boston sports fan of all time, but damn if I don’t love it. One thing I will standby, New York is garbage.

Drew – I be Drew and I’m your one stop shop for all 4 major sports! Football and baseball are are my main drag but you can squeeze an NHL or NBA take out of me from time to time. Also, I’m your official voice of the NFC being a cheesehead and all. #GoPackGo

Zack – I’m a big boi, and I love me some big boi hockey and football. I also love music, and cooking. Gameday plus some soggi boi cooking is the best. Obviously an all around Boston sports fan, but I try to be as impartial as possible. If I ever have bias, I’ll let you know beforehand. Also, f*ck the Habs, am I right?

What made you decide to do BOTA?

Chris – Along with the BOTA Boys, sports has always been a huge passion of mine since a kid. Might be the Boston blood but I don’t think so. For years I was trying to get James and I to start a blog/podcast/whatever because just the way we talk to each other is some comedic gold in itself and when bringing sports into the equation we both are pretty knowledgeable with all major sports. Zack and Drew are also very knowledgeable (hence why they’re such a big part of BOTA) but James and I used to text each other about 50 times a week or talk for hours about sports news, updates, and everything in between. Once all four of us could talk sports together, it became clear that we all have a strong passion in understanding and knowing a lot about sports. We all love voicing our opinions and content to our loyal fan base and look forward to continue it.

James- in life, it can be hard to find your passion. For me, it’s always been sports. I was never good enough to be a pro, but I could talk about sports all day. Out of the blue I texted zack and Chris and asked them if they wanted to start a sports blog and we keep it going loving every like, view, and comment.

Drew – Soggi Boi can be pretty persuasive, nuff said.

Zack – I have been thinking about sports writing/blogging for awhile now. I love talking sports, and being able to put my opinion out there for people to judge harshly has always been a dream of mine.

Who is your sports Hero, and why?

Chris – Honestly I have two and they’re both Boston players, what a surprise. First I’ll start with Big Papi aka David Ortiz. He’s always been such an inspiration for me since 2004. Then come his speech in 2013 it just skyrocketed even more. To me Ortiz was one of those players that just got in so well with a city, he became a part of said city. Every time you think of the Red Sox, Big Papi’s name comes up one way or another. Also he’s just an all-around good person with charities, helping people, etc. he actually sponsored a charity through Massachusetts General Hospital back in 2015 where James, my family, and I were lucky enough to get free tickets and walk on the field before the first pitch. I was very sick at the time but a simple gesture like that makes a lot of sick children and adults happy. Second for me is Patrice Bergeron. Another perfect example of an all-around good person and Boston player. I’ve watched Bergeron play since he was drafted by the Bruins in ‘03, and I have just been mesmerized by his ability. He’s the perfect versatile player, arguably one of the best defensive forwards in the whole league, and has done nothing but give sincerity and love to the city of Boston and it’s people. Both absolute role models and heroes.

James- Such a good question. As a Bostonian, I’m going to say Ted Williams, the closest we will get to the “ideal” American. The man left baseball to be a fighter pilot and came back. He is in the Hall if Fame and is one of the best players of all time. He might as well be a bald eagle.

Drew – My #1 boi A-a-ron Rodgers. Been a huge fan of the dude since I started watching football, just a few weeks after drafting a certain #12 for my first fantasy team in the long forgotten days of 2009. No one can do what Aaron can do and that is how he won my heart.

Zack – Honestly, Tim Thomas. Really weird choice, I know. But I’ve always wanted to be an actual goalie. The most I do is street hockey (super talented, I know) but that run he had with the Bruin in 2011 showed me that if he could do it at 36, there is still hope. (Not really, but a soggi boi can dream, can’t he?)

Who is your MVP pick for this NFL Season?

Chris – It’s gonna be Russel Wilson. Would I like it to be CMC? Yes, very much so but it’s gonna be Russ. Well deserved if Wilson takes it though.

James- My MVP for this year has to be Mustaches. Gardener made them big in duuvalllll, and baker brought his out for a game. It’s been a decent showing for mustaches, but wait for the second half

Drew – Obviously I’d love to pick Rodgers here but I feel there are a lot of strong cases this year, namely Russ and CMC. But honestly, I’m picking Lamar Jackson to take home the hardware this time around.

Zack – Conventional pick is Rodgers, although Wilson is swaying me. Unconventional is Run CMC. My guy is literally carrying an entire team. Dude’s a stud.

If you could pick any team in all of the major sports to be able to play one game for, which team would you pick?

Chris – Red Sox all day, everyday. It was my dream as a kid before reality struck and I can’t even begin to imagine the feeling of standing on the dirt in Fenway with the echoing noise from the fans.

James- Celtics. I want a like Mike scenario, but bad. I con everyone into thinking I’m good, then I go out and take granny shots.

Drew – Put me in the Green and Gold baby! Can’t think of a more iconic uniform to wear or a more historic team to play for.

Zack – Bruins. Pretty Obvious on that one. Or the 49ers. Love those all black and gold jerseys. Those be fresh boi.

Lastly, which one of the BOTA Bois is most likely to get banned from making the podcasts?

Chris – Is this a real question? Whoever came up with this should be the first to go. Realistically it’s me though I’m not present enough to contribute as much as I want but hope to find more time for our fans soon! Language and craziness wise James one-hundred percent. Zack would get kicked off just for making our football recaps 33 minutes long. Drew is gonna get kicked off for not apologizing to me when Aaron Rodgers goes flat for the rest of the season.

James- vulgarity wise, me. Entertainment wise, Chris. It’s just always fun to fuck with our boi.

Drew – 100% the dude below me. Sometimes, I think he forgets people might actually listen to the cast…..

Zack – Definitely me. I don’t know how to stop talking, or say things that will stop me from showing this to my parents.