A Soggi Perspective: What the Hell Happened this Week?

Did I wake up in an alternate reality, or did all of the NFL’s so called “Elite Teams” lose this week? Listen, I really pay attention to football this week every year, because I like to see what the Patriots are working against. What I saw (besides from the Packers and the Ravens) was pitiful. The Saints had an off game, although Michael Thomas had a quiet 153 yards on 13 catches. Couldn’t quite find the end-zone. The Falcons’ defense was surprisingly stingy, giving up less than 300 yards to a stagnant Saints offense. The Falcons combined for 6 sacks on Drew Brees, and didn’t give up a single touchdown. They definitely flipped the script of this season, as their defense has been nothing less than putrid.

Moving on from the NFC South, the Bills and Browns played in Cleveland, and that game was just as weird. Kareem Hunt returned, Baker Mayfield didn’t throw a pick, and the Browns had touchdowns in the red-zone!! *Cough JEMZ Cough* Now, I will never give the Bills credit, because at the end of the day, they are the freaking BILLS. The defense is the only thing that I will say that I have been impressed with this season. 19 points to a team that has so much offensive talents is honestly pretty great. But that offense sucks. Josh Allen is the most effect running back, scoring twice on the ground. He’s not the answer guys. He has some decent pieces around him, but I just don’t think the is going to be the one to get the job done for the Bills. Also, I think Frank Gore will play until he’s 85. Quote me.

Will the real Slim Shady Please stand up? I repeat, will the real Slim Shady PLEASE stand up? We have a problem here. Shady and the Chiefs are in disarray. Sitting at 6-4, the Chiefs are only one game ahead of the RAIDERS. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the Raiders, who traded their best player last offseason, and now are right on the heels of the divisional leaders from last year. I think Kansas City might have the worst defense in the league. They have looked awful this year. On the year they are averaging 24.2 points against per game, but over their last 3 games, they’ve averaged 30 points against. That’s abysmal. Patrick Mahomes can’t be expected to carry this team forever. It is not sustainable. Also, Ryan Tannehill is a completely different quarterback with the Titans.

We did see some really good games as a result of the top teams losing their footing. The three before mentioned games good, especially the Chiefs-Titans game. That combined with the Packers-Panthers and Cowboys-Vikings, Sunday Football was must watch T.V. That doesn’t change for tonight either, as we see two NFC heavyweights go head to head. 49ers and Seahawks, round 1. FIGHT!

Russ vs his old teammate. Watch it tonight. Or don’t. Whatever you guys want.

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