This Week in the NHL: High and Low

Ahhhhhh. The second month of hockey. This brings me joy. For those of you that don’t know already, I’m a MAJOR puck slut. It definitely helps that the team I root for is a LITERAL BUZZSAW right now. I won’t just focus on them though, as there are 30 other teams in the league. Here are my Highs an Lows of the League so far.

The High

Washington Capitals- The Caps currently sit atop the NHL with an 11-2-3 record and a total of 25 points. They have close to 4 goals a game, which is absolutely absurd. They have two of the top goal scorers in the league right now in Ovechkin and Vrana. They are relatively healthy, and have definitely shaken off that Stanley Cup hangover from a year ago, when they lost to the Hurricanes in the first round of the playoffs.

Boston Bruins- Man the B’s look good. Top goalscorer? Yup. Top goalie? Also yup. Best Powerplay? Hells yeah. Lowest Goals Against Average? Super yup. Worst seats in the league? Probably. (If you don’t know what I am talking about, search T.D. Garden new seats. That shit is comical.) You name it, they got it so far this season. They are limiting high scoring chances far better than any team in the league right now. Their goaltending has been absolutely rock solid. Pastrnak is on a tear. Life is good here in Boston.

New York Islanders- These aren’t your everyday Islanders. This group has balls. They are going places ladies and gentlemen. Barry Trotz has given new life to a team that has been a nomad for the past couple of years. Thomas Greiss has been amazing fo them so far, and they really play like a unit. They are sitting pretty at 10-3-0 right now. Did I mention they are on a 9 game winning streak? F.I.R.E.

Vancouver Canucks- Did I just…. No, this can’t be right. The Canucks are relevant again? Hopefully not for long. But here they are, sitting at 9-3-2 on the season. Not even close to their market, so I haven’t been able to see them play, but hey, they are way better than I was ever willing to give them credit for. So good on them. They won’t make the playoffs.

The Low

San Jose Sharks- Woof. This dog looks hurt. The Sharks look really rough. They are by far the worst of the four final teams from last years Conference Finals. They are the trash of the west right now. They definitely seem like a team that just lost their captain to a divisional rival during the offseason. Get someone like Patrick Marleau back is nice, but clearly not making a difference as they are a dumpster fire. Also, I think I can soundly say that the Bruins were right to deal Martin Jones away. He suuuuuuuucks.

Ottawa Senators- Is anyone really surprised? The Senators are perennial bottom-feeders in the league. They really can’t get out of their own way. Especially when they decide to keep Craig Anderson season after season. I feel like any given day, they are going to relocate. Poor Ottawa, if only they knew how to draft.

Minnesota Wild- This one is hard to swallow. Devin Dubnyk looks like a puddle of piss. He really hasn’t looked like himself thin year. The State of Hockey is in a state of disarray. Sitting at 4-9-1, they need to pick up the pace if they want to make the playoffs this year. Most of the team is in double digit plus-minus.

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