It’s time…..

I can’t take it anymore. I tried standing by you before the season started. My faith slowly turned into a burning hatred. Freddie….it’s time for you to go.

You have taken a team with a wealth of potential and coached them like the alcoholic stepdad that coached pop warner. You are actually garbage. The game in Denver was a MUST WIN. THAT MEANS YOU MUST WIN TO KEEP THE HOPES ALIVE FOR THE SEASON FREDDIE. WHAT DID YOU DO FREDDIE? YOU FUCKING LOST. THAT IS ACTUALLY THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO DO.

John Dorsey gave you the keys to the castle and you turned it into a Denny’s. This week upcoming, we have a challenging battle against the Bills. I should be excited about the prospect of having a dynamic duo in the back field. Instead, I’m pissed off and rooting for a loss so you can get fired.

I mean for fucks sake, you’ve refused to give up play calling, which is clearly not your specialty. SEE BELOW


You took what should’ve been the season that Browns fans have waited for and shit all over it, which is an awful image I wish I didn’t put into existence.

John Dorsey, please. Please. Fire Freddie, give us some hope of turning this season around.

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