State of BOTA Address

I would like to start off this blog by saying thank you to everyone that has supported us during these early days. We appreciate every view, stream, like, every bit of support you all have sent.

As you all saw last week, The BOTA cast is live. We had a blast recording that and we think it showed. We are going to stick to one Podcast per week (for now). We would love to hear feedback on what you want to hear on the podcast, so reach out to us on any platform. The podcast will supplement the blog. We are going to take our larger blogs and fit them on to there.

I (pop) will be focusing on more of the audio visual side of things. We feel that those forms of media give us a more diverse and personal appeal to what we are doing. My goal is to have one podcast per week, three blogs, and finally some more you tube content once we know what we are really doing with that channel, so stay tuned.

We are also adding a new face to the BOTA team. Please welcome Drew! He will be adding another perspective to all of our sports takes and be on the Pod. He will mostly be focusing on baseball. With what could be a piping hot stove this off season. We are excited to bring him on and get a new voice.

As always, we love you, you are all beautiful and we will see you next time.

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