Patrick Mahomes Getting Injured Is Bad for the NFL

Last night, Pat Mahomes took the air right out of the lungs of every fan watching in Kansas City. He went down with an ugly looking knee injury after a 4th and inches situation. He walked off the field and into the locker room for X-rays. He left quick and left the game.

Real quick, let’s talk about the 5k they made him walk. He went from the X-ray to the parking lot under his own power. If your franchise QB, arguably the best player in the NFL, injures his leg, you better carry him like a pharaoh.

This injury sucks for Chiefs fans, but this injury is actually awful for the NFL. Mahomes plays fun football. He is a natural play maker. We got so used to QBs staying in the pocket and letting receivers make plays. Mahomes takes that old school feel and pumps the athleticism of a college athlete into the game. He is a human highlight reel. That’s how you get the youth to love the game. As fucked up as it is, highlight reel plays can make people ignore the concussions and pain, to want to be the next guy.

A knee injury really hinders his ability to create and move around. His GIF rating goes down hard. A GIF rating is my fake scale for how good something looks as a clip .You don’t see quarterbacks with knee braces run around and flip the script. Without a doubt, his arm is still there, but the scrambling is in jeopardy. A dislocated knee is an easy injury to re-injure.

He is only out for three weeks, so the rest of the team needs to step up, but they only hope is that Lamar Jackson can stay healthy and keep the game fun.

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