Jaromir Jagr’s Instagram Post Makes Me Feel Body Shamed

Forget the fact that this man is considered one of the best hockey players of all time. Forget the fact that he has played since 1988. You can even forget the fact that he has more silverware, and money, than I’ll ever have. Focus on the fact that he is 47 and looks better than most people my age.

When I saw this post I was eating a burrito and debating having a second one. There is no reason a 47 year old should be in this good of shape, while me, a 24 year old, can’t find the most ovation to take his dog out some times.

It’s not like he has the Tyler Seguin, “look at me” body. Also, fuck him. He’s got the hot dad in the neighborhood who might be unemployed, vibe.

Jagr gives me equal parts motivation to want to grow a beard and get in the best shape of my life and to drink my sorrows away and sleep. Good for you sir. Good for you.

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