A Soggi Perspective: The Year of the Defense

Stephon Gilmore’s game-breaking interception in last year’s Super Bowl.

This year in the NFL has been pretty good so far. Crazy finishes, blockbuster trades, and who can forget the race for the first overall pick between the Dolphins, Redskins, Bengals and Jets? Yes, the NFL is in full swing ladies and gentlemen, but let me turn your attention to my first ever outlook article. In it I proclaimed it would be the Year of the Defense. Now, by this, I mean that the leading stories would be mostly defensive. Like the Jalen Ramsey, Marcus Peters shuffle around from the other day. Or how the Patriots defense is HISTORICALLY good. Lets talk about the defenses that I am super confident in.

New England Patriots – Wow is this defense rolling. They are suffocating opponents, allowing a league leading 8 POINTS PER GAME. They are limiting opposing offenses to 234 yards per game, which again, leads the league. This unit is rolling, and they show no signs of slowing down. I think the best thing about this defense is that everyone is rolling. It’s a next-man up mentality, and they are playing unselfish football, which has reflected itself in their stats through 6 games. They are also fantasy GOLD. Just as a comparison, at other positions, they’d be the 7th best QB, over their own QB Tom Brady, the 2nd best RB, 2nd best WR, and BEST tight end in the league right now. And that’s for PPR!!!! I owe my 5-1 record to them. Hats off Bill.

San Fransisco 49’ers – This is the defense to beat in the NFC in my mind. This unit showed promise last year, but couldn’t gel. This year, they are a force. The secondary is locking teams down, and Nick Bosa is getting to the quarterback. Adding him and a nice piece like Dee Ford did wonders for this team. I hesitated putting them in my bracket for the playoffs, but boy I should have. I can’t wait to see them play the Seahawks.

Green Bay Packers – My Dark Horse pick of the year. Aside from that Eagles game, I think the Packers now have a top 10 defense in the League. Their budding corners Jaire Alexander and Josh Jackson, with Kevin King in support, are balling out. The Packers definitely hit on those drafts. Also, Za’Darius Smith is a beast. 6 sacks in as many games. Hell of a defense, especially in a division where the Bears are said to have the best defense in the league.

Chicago Bears – *Yawn* Yeah, we all know they have a great defense. Nothing to see here folks. Yes Khalil Mack is a beast. Yes, this will be a top 5 defense for years. HOWEVER, they will get nowhere with an offense as putrid as theirs. Until they find a real quarterback, and offensive coordinator, they are doomed for 9-7 seasons. That’s right Bears fans, although your defense is great, your offense is waaaaay worse than what the defense can make up for. Da Bears. One Da-mentional

Carolina Panthers – I’ve been really impressed with how much this unit has stepped up. They have really put in work with SuperCam on the bench. This unit has popped off 3 wins in a row. I think I need to see them beat some good competition before I crown them as a top defense. But I think they are on their way! I think once the offense can produce at a constant rate, they will roll to a playoff spot.

Buffalo Bills – The Bills are good at something, finally! Last time that happened, they were the best in the business at losing Super Bowls (looking at you Jim Kelly & Scott Norwood). This defense is legit. I think it is hands down the second best defense in the AFC. It is right behind the 49ers for my defensive rankings. The only reason I don’t have faith in the Bills is, they are the Bills. They will find a way to choke away a playoff spot in the end. Personally, I think they squeak in on defensive play and strength of schedule.

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