What Coaches Are On The Hot Seat?

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We are past the quarter point in this NFL Season and as always, there is a list of coaches who feel their seat getting hot. Here is my view on who has hemorrhoids and who should worry about their job

Dan Quinn

Dan Quinn has had an awful run this year. Their defense is a big problem ranking 26th in total defense. They do rank 7th in overall offense, but it still seems to be an issue to get going. Julio is 31 he is getting old, unfortunately, but he still has all the talent. Calvin Ridley is a good young option, he just can’t seem to keep it consistent. Their coaching really seems to be the root of the issues. Ever since the 28-3 incident, they haven’t seemed the same. I think it’s time to move on.

Mike Vrabel

He had a really great start last year. He brought a staggering team to new levels…after sputtering on offense. This year seems to be the same story, he has amazing pieces on both sides of the ball, but can’t seem to get it going. They might give him one more year and draft a new QB. I wouldn’t be super worried if I was him, but I would be cautious.

Jason Garrett

Every year we go through the same thing, Fire Garrett, do well, and then he stays. Let’s just be honest, it’s finally time to get rid of him and move on. That could be used for a couple key Cowboys *cough cough DAK* , but this is about coaching. He has been a bellow average coach for years and has skimmed by. It finally seems like he is losing the locker room. Jerry, it is time to cut ties and get another puppet for your weird desires.

Freddie Kitchens

Everyone already knows that I am a Browns fan. This year has been miserable. We had so much hype and lived up to none of it. There are a ton of issues, but I believe Freddie is the biggest. He has been stubborn as a coach not seeming to budge on play calling. He has been calling plays with seven seconds on the play clock, which confuses the entire offense. If he remains stubborn, they will have no choice, but to fire the rookie coach or suffer from Hue Jackson 2.0

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