A Soggi Perspective: Big Names and Small Results

Jalen Ramsey is just the latest big-name acquisition to head to L.A.

What a day in the NFL yesterday. The Rams were busy trading picks and corners. Yesterday afternoon, the Rams traded starting cornerback Marcus Peters to the Ravens for Linebacker Kenny Young and a 2020 draft pick. The pick is speculated to be a 5th rounder. Then, hours later, the Rams traded for Jalen Ramsey for two first round picks and a 2021 fourth round pick. Overall, The Rams got Jalen Ramsey, Kenny Young, and a 2020 fifth rounder, while trading away two first round picks (2020 & 2021), Marcus Peters, and a 2021 fourth round pick. This has been a very bad trend for the Rams as of late.

The Rams are currently without their next two first round picks. Their last first round selection was in 2016, when they picked Jared Goff 1st overall. This offseason will be the 4th consecutive year without a first round pick for the Rams. The Rams are in win now mode, which is bizarre to me. The have a young quarterback and running back that still have plenty of years left in them. Aaron Donald is only 28, and is still as dominant as ever. So why mortgage your future as harshly as the Rams have to only have 1 Superbowl appearance, and a grand total of 2 playoff wins over the past 3 years of not having first round picks.

Defense has been an issue for a Rams team that is far from short on big name talent on that side of the ball. Donald, Talib, Brockers, Matthews, Fowler Jr., and Weddle. They have the names, but not the production. The Rams rank in the middle of the pack in Yards allowed per game, and are tied with the Browns towards the bottom of the league in points allowed per game. The BROWNS. Their turnover differential is an abysmal -3, which definitely doesn’t help their defensive production. The Rams have more giveaways than the Dolphins, Bengals, and Jets, who have a combined record of 1-15.

This will come back to bite the Rams in the ass. They are giving up their future. Who knows what these next two draft classes will hold? So far, an underperforming defense is all they have to show for 3 years worth of first round draft picks. And Brandon Cooks, but we all know how well that worked out for them last year.

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