Week 6 Bullet Points

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This past week there were a ton of close games. DO NOT BE FOOLED. That implies that the slate was amazing. No no, it was only okay. There was some great games, but there were way more average games.

  • The Patriots are good, what else is new
  • Wait… The defense is good, That offense looks sluggish.
  • How did Josh Gordon’s leg bend like that without breaking???
  • Daniel Jones needs the pieces around him, he looked lost on Thursday night.
  • Christian McCaffery is still really good.
  • Jameis is still really bad, Stop having faith in him. He had 5 interceptions and was sacked seven times. Most of those are contributed to him holding on too long. Let’s move on.
  • The battle of the bad, Redskins vs. Dolphins, was as expected, awful.
  • Rosen, Fitzpatrick, and Keenum looked like they could combine power ranger style and make half a quarterback.
  • shout out to Drake for dropping that two point conversion to keep the tank rolling.
  • Minshew mania crashed at the worst time.
  • Teddy Bridgewater looked fantastic again.
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  • Lamar Jackson and the Ravens balled out again…..against the Bengals.
  • Let’s not read into their win too much. The Bengals have been awful, just god awful, and they still managed to score 17 and only lose by 6.
  • The Browns ripped out my heart and stomped on it again.
  • Russel Wilson is my pick for MVP.
  • Baker actually started to get it together, but Freddie needs to give up play calling.
  • This also shows that they need their star corners back.
  • Kirk Cousins had a fantastic game, which is a weird sentence to type.
  • Stefon Diggs had three touchdowns and owned a very beaten up Eagles secondary.
  • The Birds secondary needs a ton of help.
  • The Texans vs. Cheifs was a shootout as expected.
  • Deshaun Watson balled out and took full control.
  • Carlos Hyde has his best game in three years.
  • Falcons and Cardinals finished close, but it ended in 2019 Falcons fashion, a missed extra point.
  • Kyler was so fun to watch. He is starting to get comfortable and is ready to ball out.
  • The 49ers remain undefeated
  • Their defense held the Rams to only 7 points
  • Jimmy G is not worth the money, Their offense runs through… uhh runs? Does that work? you know what I mean.
  • The Rams are starting to look like they are in big trouble.
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  • The Broncos, Titans game was awful.
  • If your backup quarterback is Ryan Tannehill. You are in trouble from the start.
  • The Titans traded for that man. Why? You basically have two back up Quarterbacks pretending to be starters.
  • Also, good on the Broncos for realizing that Philip Lindsay is still good.
  • The Cowboys are still bad.
  • The Jets with Darnold might be able to make a late season push.
  • The Steelers and Duck looked really good for being down to their last starter.
  • The Chargers are still boring.
  • Aaron Rodgers looked solid at times
  • The Refs won them the game. Don’t lie.

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