A Soggi Perspective: New Jersey is Having a Devil of a Time Winning

The Devils sport a 0-4-2 record through the first 2 weeks of the Regular Season.

Woof. The New Jersey Devils look like a steaming train of suck. This offseason was promising for them, with acquisitions such as P.K. Subban and Wayne Simmons, bolstering a roster that already has the likes of Travis Zajac, Sami Vatanen Taylor Hall, and the up and coming Nico Hischier and Jack Hughes. The talent is there for them, however it hasn’t produced a win for them yet this season. If only it was still the preseason for them. After going 5-2 during the preseason, I actually had some expectations for this team. Obviously this won’t continue, they will have to win eventually, but I thought that they’d at least be fighting for a playoff spot this year. However, I don’t think they will make it. Let’s take a look at what their problems have been through the first 6.

Goaltending – I am not really sure why New Jersey hangs on to Corey Schneider. He hasn’t been good in years. This year especially, he has been abysmal. Through 6, he has posted a 0-3-0 record, with an .876 save percentage and a 4.08 GAA. That is not what you want your starting goaltender’s record to look like. Their reserve goaltending hasn’t been good either. Mackenzie Blackwood is sporting a .821 save percentage with a 4.90 GAA. They have a second worst .856 save percentage combined. That is a HUGE pile of goalie suck. You deserve better Devils fans. Especially with the history they have had at goaltender.

Defensive Zone Play – This team hasn’t been able to hold a team to under 3 goals. The team they managed to only let up 3 goals against; the Bruins. The Bruins shut them out, giving them 0 chance to win that game. They have been awful in their own zone, and have just been atrocious with special teams play. Through 6, they are sitting right above 50% for their penalty kill. That is terrible. Not to mention, they are yet to score a powerplay goal.

This team needs to figure it out if they even want a chance to make a run for the playoffs. They have some really good pieces. They need their team to start gelling, and they are going to have to bring in some goaltending. They won’t be able to survive with the two the have in net right now. Buckle up Devils fans. This is going to a very bumpy ride for you.

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