If You Don’t Watch College Football, This is the Weekend to Start.

If you’re like me and you went to a division three school with no major sports, it can be hard to get invested in college football. I am a huge college football fan, as you can see from my previous posts. This weekend has the most ranked match ups of the college year INCLUDING MY FAVORITE GAME OF THE YEAR, THE RED RIVER SHOOTOUT. Don’t try and tell me it’s the rivalry. It is the shootout.

This year matches two high powered offenses, Sam Ehlinger’s Long horns battling Jalen Hurts’ Sooners. This game has Heisman implications. Jalen can become the third straight Sooner QB, under Lincoln Riley, to win a Heisman and maybe (probably not) become the number one overall pick. Sam could move up the rankings real quick and show that Texas is back with a win. This game is always a blast to watch.Every college fan circles this game when the schedule comes out. There is so much bad blood I’m going with Oklahoma this year and I pray that there is a horns down.

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The next game I’m keeping an eye on is #1 Alabama vs. #24 Texas A&M. I will preface this by saying A&M is a steaming hot pile of trash and I’m not sure how they’ve stayed ranked. Here we are though, A ranked A&M takes on the best team in the country. Every fan remembers Johnny Manziel pulling off a massive upset in 2012. I don’t see that happening this year. Bama is too good to lose. ROLL TIDE

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This is going to be an absolute battle. #7 Florida plays #5 LSU. I love me some Coach O and I hate the gators, so some might say I am biased. Let me say some nice things about Florida. Their defense is a real beast. That’s all I got. LSU is a powerhouse this year, led by Joe Burrows. No one expected this kid to be this good this year, but here we are, with him as the Heisman favorite. All I can say is GEAUX TIGERS

The rest of Saturday looks great too, Penn State plays Iowa and I’ll take the upset with Iowa winning. USC plays #9 Notre Dame.This is a classic rivalry, but USC has been scrapping together players with an injury filled year. There is no way USC wins this rivalry game. There are plenty of wild games to watch today, so sit back, drink a lot, and enjoy your Saturday

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