BOTA Reacts: First Quarter of the NFL Season is in the Books

Who do you think won the first quarter of the NFL Season?

We here at BOTA are dedicated to bringing you sizzling takes and sports info that you probably never wanted in the first place. From the genius of the one and only #thesoggione, we give you the BOTA Reacts series. This will be all three of the writers here at BOTA contributing to season long posts. Our first one here is for the NFL.

Alright BOTA Bois, how do you think the first quarter of the NFL went?

#thesoggione – I thought it was a pretty eventful first 5 weeks. I would say that there have been a couple of surprises as far as standings go. First off, the Pack is back! Aaron Rodgers finally has a defense ladies and gentlemen. Jaire Alexander is an absolute STUD at corner, and they seem to be doing just fine without Mike Daniels. At 4-1, they lead the hotly contested NFC North. The Lions are doing way better than I gave them credit for, hell, they were soooooo close at handing the Chiefs their first loss. The Bears offense is putrid. Mitch who? And don’t get me started on Kirk. He sucks. You like that?

Another huge surprise, the freaking BUFFALO BILLS. Are they for real? They are tied for the second best record in the NFL at 4-1, with the Chiefs. Josh Allen is definitely not their guy, but their defense is balling out right now. They haven’t played great competition, so I expect their record to even out, but I definitely think they make a push for a Wildcard spot.

Last thought here before I let you guys off the hook. If you had to choose one team in this year to lead you in the Suck Bowl, who would it be? Personally, I would choose the Bengals. Man do they suuuuuuck. I mean, even without their purebred Marvin Lewis at the helm, they haven’t found any success. They have some pretty good pieces there, but have failed to produce anything if substance over the past 20 years. Andy Dalton is a scrub. Fight me if you don’t agree.

Anyways, here is my quarter NFL Playoff Prediction Bracket. Take note of the superior craftsmanship of said bracket. I definitely did NOT make this with an image editor at work this morning.

#Pop – These first few weeks have been my personal hell. My Browns went into this season with all of the hype and have been a monumental flop. Baker has looked off, the offensive line is garbage, obj hasn’t been able to get anything going, and Freddie kitchens is calling plays from a fucking coloring book. They made the Titans look good. Marcus Mariota is someone I always want to do well, but is just so boring to watch.

I’ll be the first to admit, I thought Lamar Jackson was going to have an MVP year after the first few weeks. He has sizzled out since then, but the ravens have a bunch of young talent that makes me worried to be in the AFC North.

Father Time has caught up with some of the classic QBs. Big Ben and Brees both fell to injuries. You can’t attribute both to age, but at their age, injuries take more recovery time. Phillip Rivers should count his lucky stars like he has to count his children at home, for Keenan Allen. This is the year I’m officially over the Chargers. I don’t think they have it anymore.

Speaking of not having it. Dan Quinn and the Falcons organization, what the fuck is going on? You have so much talent on offense and you still can’t produce? I have been very vocal about my concerns with them, but it’s serious. The Falcons might be a bigger flop than the Browns…please agree….

The 2017 running backs are really the big time players this year. I mean Christian McCaffery, Dalvin Cook, Joe Mixon, Alvin Kamara, Aaron Jones, Tarik Cohen, and Chris Carson. They have all had stellar years that make their fantasy owners get the football equivalent of meat sweats.

I hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate that I have to say this, but my pick for the Super Bowl is the New England Patriots. I don’t see any way they don’t make another big run. I predict they will meet a familiar foe, and play the Seahawks.

#Cass – Certainly a great season thus far with some crazy upsets and a lot of action left and right. I’m more impressed with myself however how all my predictions are still coming true. I might be psychic and if so I’ll see you all when I’m a millionaire from sports gambling. A few key points have stuck with me so far both surprising and expected.

First off, I’m so disappointed with the Browns. I’m not a huge fan by any means like some of us here at BOTA *cough* jemz *cough* but the Browns show the perfect example that how a team looks on paper means nothing. I want them to succeed so bad because they do deserve it, but with the offensive line and Kitchens it seems like they’re going nowhere. Hopefully they can pick it up but we’ll see what happens with this lack-of chemistry between the team.

Unsurprisingly surprising is the Patriots with their undefeated record. Before the season began when I predicted them going undefeated. I never, ever would’ve thought it would be the defense running the whole team. The offense is playing sloppy lately and with injuries left and right, a 10 day break for the Pats will be much needed. Once the offense finds their rhythm the whole league is done for. With one of the scariest defenses in the league, it’s no wonder they call themselves “the boogeymen”. The Patriots are still a dynasty, and will be a whole lot of fun to continue watching.

Very shocking to me is the Chiefs. What the utter fuck happened??? I know it must be extremely hard without the same team and chemistry as last year, injuries lingering the squad, and other drama, but I never would’ve saw them barely beat the Lions and then actually lose to the Colts! Mahomes has been in some sort of slump and has dropped drastically in stats from the first 3 weeks and it’s showing. Still a massive threat in the league but interesting to see if this slump continues.

Lastly, New Orleans came bringing a HUGE surprise with Teddy Bridgewater. Seeing Brees going down was a shocker to me, and I thought for sure the Saints were a lost cause after. But was I wrong! The Saints still look like an impressive team and seem to have no issues still winning games.

Who’s gonna win the Super Bowl? Easy question because I’ve already answered it. The New England Patriots win the Super Bowl against the New Orleans Saints with an undefeated record. You heard it here first.

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