Eat Your Heart Out Adam Jones

Just look at that face. Is that the face you want to be leading your nightly sports talk radio Boston???

This is totally a shit post and nothing more. Love the sports vulture, but BOY was he wrong. As I was headed home last night, listening to 98.5 the Sports Hub, New England’s Premier sport talk radio network, I found myself listening to a rant by one Mr. Adam Jones of the night show. Now, over the entire summer I have listened to him shit on MY (yes this is completely biased and totally not actual content) Bruins about their Game Seven Stanley Cup loss to the Blues, at home. Well guess what Vulture, they’re back baby, and you can eat your words. Jones predicted that the B’s would lose the last two of the road trip games and not score more than 3 goals.

Well guess what ADAM, they scored 4 in one game and won the damn thing. HAHAHA.

In reality, I totally agreed with him and his take. I figured the boys would split the road trip, but I thought they’d score a little more than 3 goals in two games. I feel like the world needs more Jones, he’s the right kind of sports snark that gets people pissy. I love it. Also, the man’s got range on his impressions. D.J. Alexi? What a guy.

For those of you outside of Boston who have ABSOLUTELY no idea what I am talking about, don’t worry. I was bored and was listening to the radio this morning and wanted to write something. Give me some credit. Adam Jones is a gift from God and he must be cherished as such. (I’m trying out his brand of sarcasm, I hope it’s hitting).

Anywhosels, Bruins beat the Golden Knights 4-3 last night and a playoff like atmosphere. Rask was great again (that hurts) and the top line took the game over. Marchand and Pastrnak had 3 points a piece, and Bergeron rounded out the Perfection Line with and assist. They finish out their road trip at the Pepsi Center against Nathan McKinnon and the Avalanche tomorrow night at 9pm. You better watch, or else.

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