A Soggi Perspective: The Brady Bunch

Jimmy Garoppolo, Tom Brady, and Jacoby Brissett were all on the Pats before October 31st, 2017 when Garoppolo was traded to the 49’ers for a second round pick.

Man oh man, did the Pats have a gold mine at QB in 2017. Right now, Brady’s understudies, Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett are a combined 7-2 through 5 weeks of play. Combined with Brady, they are a whopping 12-2. Damn is that good. I really think that the Pats had something that year, but due to inner turmoil, and just sheer mismanagement of assets, both of them were traded away. Lets take a look at their stats so far.

Tom Brady: Brady is 5-0, with a 63.1% completion rate, 1,409 yards, 10 touchdowns and 2 picks. He has a passer rating of 99.4. This is a pretty good stat line for someone who just turned 42 a couple months ago. He hasn’t looked very sharp, but he is getting the job done, just like always. He should rely more on the run game, because the pass blocking hasn’t been where it needs to be. Also, the defense hasn’t been to bad either huh?

Jimmy Garoppolo: Garoppolo is 4-0, with a 69% completion rating, 920 yards, 7 touchdowns and 4 picks. He has a passer rating of 99.4. Sheer coincidence or not, the record speaks for itself. They haven’t played the best competition so far, but they are rolling. Jimmy has been decent, but that run game is legit. He should rely on Tevin Coleman, as Coleman is one of the best satellite backs in the league. He should take a page out of the Brady-White connection. That 49’ers front is legit. Nick Bosa is an absolute stud. Just imagine putting him with his brother. A man can dream. πŸ™‚

Jacoby Brissett: Brissett is 3-2, with a 64.7% completion rating, 1,062 yards, 10 touchdowns and 3 picks. He has a passer rating of 94.9 through 5 games. Very similar to Brady through 5 games. Brady has had the luxury of a historically good defense, while Brissett has had a middle of the pack defense. Brissett has looked pretty good through 5 games, and has been pretty confident in the pocket. The Colts had a ballsy performance Sunday Night against the Chiefs, and took them down at Arrowhead. Brissett wasn’t great, but he stood in, and did what he needed to do to get the win in arguably the most hostile environment in the NFL. Kudos to the kid.

Overall the Brady Bunch are a great story in the league right now. No one expected the Niners to be undefeated through 4 games, let alone steamrolling the Browns on primetime Monday Night Football. Brady and Co. are just too overpowered for almost all of the AFC teams to even play. Brissett and the Colts are in a tight race for the AFC South, which is completely unexpected seeing as though he was a backup until the shocking retirement of Andrew Luck. We will see as the weeks go on how much the Brady Bunch will hold up, but this is making for an interesting story in the league.

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