Why October is the Best Sports Month of the Year.

Look at this spooky shit.

October is finally here. I’m not looking forward to spooks, pumpkin spice lattes, leaves changing, or better weather. I am looking forward to the bountiful harvest that the sport gods have provided us.

It is time for playoff baseball. My boys (the Red Sox) were a heartbreak and stomped on my hopes and dreams this year, but my side chick (the Dodgers) look strong and are ready. They are ready to lost to another AL team in the World Series. Why do I love this pain?

The NFL is in full swing and teams have shaken off their rust and are ready to go. Just to lose to Tom Brady again…. Pat Mahomes, we need you to save us from this evil.

Wwe is on fox now…. that’s cool

College football teams are starting to matchup with division rivals. Just this weekend alone we have Auburn vs. Florida, Iowa vs. Michigan, and Cal vs. Oregon. It is beautiful to see. It’s the best time for college football until December.

Last but not least. Hockey.is.back. The most under appreciated sport in North America is here. My bolts are ready to make up for shitting the bed last year and there’s a laundry list of teams ready to make sure that doesn’t happen. My real favorite part is hockey hit highlights that come from a 14 year old with too much time.

October is a time for you to appreciate sports. Enjoy having it. You made it through summer, waiting for football. Sports are here. Enjoy it.

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