Bold Prediction: Clemson Finishes Out of the Top Five

The Clemson Tigers remind me of the Boston Red Sox this year. Only a Bostonian could make that connection, but hear me out. They won it all last year, they were both dominant last year. This year, they are underwhelming.

The Tigers really didn’t lose a lot of their talent from last year. Especially on the offensive side. If you all start commenting about Hunter Renfrow being a game changer, shut up. He is a great player and a huge part of Clemson history, he was never a top College WR. Despite all that, they seem to be off.

Let’s be honest, Clemson did not win the game against UNC, UNC lost thaat game. That is always the most confusing statement after a game, but let me break that down. Mack Wilson’s boys looked like they had that game all the way down to that failed 2-point conversion. Trevor Lawrence looked awful. He still put up 206 yards on the day, but he only completed 60% of his passes against a UNC team that lost to Appalachian state.

Trevor Lawrence needs to get it together because I am looking at two potential losses in their schedule right now. They play Florida State this weekend, who seem ripe to upset Clemson and Wake Forrest meets them later in the year. Wake Forrest is proving to be a unit. The only kid that has been working and proving his worth on that offense is Travis Etienne. 469 yards on the ground this year.

If it comes down to a Number 5 or 6 Clemson and a Big 10 or 12 conference team, for a play off spot. It is hard to say that Clemson will slip in over them.

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