Week 5: Predictions, Games to Watch and the Sad Realization That We Are a Quarter of the way Through

Last week’s slate of football turned out to be better than I predicted. The Ravens looked flat, while the Browns ran with a full Chubb. The Lions almost upset the Chiefs. The Bucs might actually be a real threat, or the Rams are sputtering. FINally, The dolphins still suck. A lot of teams need a bounce back win this week.

Thursday Night: Rams vs. Seahawks

This is an important game for the Rams. The Seahawks are starting to form together and become a real playoff threat. I don’t believe that the 49ers are a real threat to their division, so these two teams can really set the tone for the rest of their season with a win Thursday night. Jared Goff looks awful under center and after seeing them try to handle the Bucs defense last week, I think Seattle’s defense wins them this game.

Prediction: Seattle wins. Rams Start to collapse down. 31-18

Falcons vs. Texans

Every week I talk myself into saying that the Falcons are going to finally show up on offense. To say they have under performed and underwhelmed, are generous. Houston’s defense and Desean Watson are going to be too much for the broken wing falcons.

Prediction: Huston wins 23-17

UK GAME ALERT: Bears vs. Raiders

It really is fantastic waking up to football on Sunday. Especially after a big college football Saturday. We are finally gifted with that with this game. That being said, the Raiders are hot garbage the Bears defense is fantastic.

Prediction: Bears win 28-10

Giants vs. Vikings

This is a battle of a WR that wants to be there ( Golden Tate) versus a WR that clearly wants out (Stefon Diggs). Also, Kirk Cousins is trash. I’ll take Daniel Jones in this match up.

Prediction: Giants win narrowly 21-18

Bucs vs. Saints

The Bucs defense is real. They are good. They also seem complacent. It really looked like they sat back and let the Rams come back. They need to show up all game to manage the Split QB set.

Prediction: Bucs win fire the cannons 21-7

Pats vs. Redskins

Pats win. They end up with Diggs or Aj Green by the end of the year. Whatever.

Prediction: Pats win 42-7

Steelers vs Ravens

The steelers are on the upswing while the Ravens are starting to trend down. Lamar needs to get his form back to make sure they still contend through the year.

Prediction: Ravens win 24-21

Colts vs. Chiefs

Pat Mahomes put up less than 20 fantasy points last week. Oh no. Spoiler alert. He’ll be fine. The Chiefs potentially have Hill back this week. If they’re smart they will sit him and give their star the rest he needs. Jacoby Brissett has shown that he is a starter and a damn good one.

Prediction: This game becomes a shootout 38-27 Colts

Monday Night Football: Browns vs. 49ers

So far, Monday Night Football has not disappointed. This shouldn’t be any different. The 49ers want to prove that they are a real threat in the NFc and remain undefeated. The Browns are surging after a big win against the Ravens. The Browns have the potential to push further into first with a big win Monday night.

Prediction: Browns win 32-24

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