Evening Quickie: Jay Gruden. Stop it. Get some help

I love that to search these things I just type in “(fill in person) dumb face” into google

Jay Gruden, what on earth are you doing man? You are coaching for your job right now. Granted, Dan Snyder has looked like a little kid driving a semi truck, but he’s putting the blame on you. You cannot say to the media that you do not know what you are going to do for your QB when you are facing one of the most elite defenses the league has seen in recent years. Bill And the boys are going to make you cry all the way back to your brother In Oakland.

Your options for QB are, Case Keenum who is basically a back up who got lucky, Colt McCoy who has a mismanaged leg injury, or Dwayne Haskins, the number one draft pick for you all. If you send any of them out there, they will get eaten alive. That’s just the reality of it. Put Alex Smith’s leg back in place and put him into that Mike Vick experience Ad. Get yourself some check downs going Gruden. Time to get your head on straight.

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