The Damn Jets: Chapter 1 Sam’s Spleen

I am a damn Photoshop Legend. Now taking requests

Going into every NFL season I always think, “The Jets are actually going to be a threat this year.” I did the same thing this year. They added Bell, Mosley, Williams, and Osemele. I think Adam Gase is overrated so that was a negative, but other than ol’ crazy eyes Gase, The Jets Stacked up and made me think they were going for a playoff push.

Then poor Sam Darnold. The Guy gets roasted online for having mono like he’s still in high school and now, it sounds like he will miss more time because he has an enlarged spleen. This guy would be suiting up with a water balloon inside of him ready to pop with the slightest hit. I will say, I’m not the biggest Darnold fan. I thought he got really lucky at USC during his sophomore season. Most of the time, it looked like he would just throw a pass and hope for the best. He also looks like the jock douche in any teen movie ever made.

All that being said, he has looked good for the Jets, and is honestly the face of their franchise for years to come. Losing him for this long hurts them bad. Especially after losing Trevor Siemian for the year against the very underrated Browns (Shameless plug for my Dawgs). Most teams are made by the man under center. The only win that comes from Darnold being out, is that Gase gets an excuse to keep his job for maybe an extra year.

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