It Is Time For The NFL To Ban Vontaze Burfict

It is already known that Vontaze Burfict is one of if not the dirtiest players in the NFL. This Sunday was another case in his file.

Burfict tried to send Jack Doyle to the hospital. There was no way that his hit wasn’t intentional. He had space to avoid a Down Jack Doyle and instead he charges his head through Doyle’s. Helmet to helmet hits have become a serious issue for the NFL all while he looks like a bull on steroids when he sees a down receiver.

Anyone who watches football knows that this isn’t his first offense. He had a huge hit on Antonio Brown, which more likely than not, put Brown in the insane state we see him in today. With a history of horrible late hits, and awful PR. You can’t still support this guy.

When Burfict is not in trouble, his intensity drives a team and fuels their fire. He just becomes a distraction to teams now.

What if you’re the NFL? You can’t pretend to talk about mental health in the NFL and then allow a man like this to play. It is beyond the old saying “It’s football what do you expect?” This is paramount (big word time) for players health and safety. Ban him from the NFL and set the standard.

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