Should the Chargers Take Back Gordon?

The hold out has ended. He has reported back to San Diego Los Angeles and is ready to play, but is that the best move for the Chargers? I’m going to say no.

Melvin was too scared of Austin Ekeler rising up and taking his spot in an offense that has always utilized a quick running back in every aspect of their offense. In recent times, it has been Melvin Gordon, but with a laundry list of injuries Austin Ekeler was able to fill in and really take on the role with no missed steps. This year has been his, and he has had 160 yards on 38 attempts. He has also put up an impressive 4.2 yards per carry. That has only translated to two touchdowns, but his stat line is impressive regardless.

So, with Austin Ekeler putting up solid numbers and Justin Jackson who has a ton of potential behind him. Why pay Melvin? I’m not saying the guy doesn’t deserve it. Running Backs have a short life span, so get your money now.

The Chargers should have kept Austin and Traded Melvin. They have a great young core, with an old QB. Why not Trade Melvin for a First rounder (at the highest) and draft a Quarterback in a draft class full of talented young QBs? Phillip only has so many years left on the odometer. Not to mention, if Melvin has another injury this year, its going to hurt his trade value.

All of this being said, I am going to pick him up in the waiver wire. He is still a top 10 running back when healthy. It just seems like a high school relationship where one of the kids clearly wants to go and allow his hormones to run wild, and the other keeps taking them back. Trade Melvin, let him run wild and free and find yourself a better younger option. Eww wait…maybe I take that back after my high school relationship comment.
I am going to go throw up now.

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