Evening Quickie: Aaron Rodgers is a Steaming Bag of Dog Crap and His Chin Strap is Dumb

I don’t know what drives me to write this, but Aaron Rodgers is a pile of trash on a dumpster boat that is playing chicken with another boat that has baby diapers stacked two stories, but won’t pollute the ocean because #savetheturtles.

This man is not the Aaron Rodgers people came to love. He has lost his clutch gene. His clutch jeans look more like JNCOs. If it wasn’t for Adams and Valdez-Scantling he would be confused into holding the ball too long and breaking his collarbone.

Aaron Rodgers it’s canceling season and you’re canceled. Also, fuck your chin strap. What is that stupid piece of rubber doing? It gives as much protection as the rubber your mom should’ve used to make sure you weren’t born, Who hates their parents that much? Fuck you Aaron.

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