Dumb Brain: Eddie Lacy Ruined My Image of Green Bay Running Backs

This chunk of a human has ruined the image of Green Bay running backs for me forever. For some reason, Eddie Lacy is all I see when I think of running backs in Green Bay.

For two years, I’ve thought Aaron Jones was fat. The kid is fit. He is fast. He is not fat. This idea comes from watching Eddie Lacy justify obesity as being a “power back”. You are just fat.

Aaron at the combine. Not Fat…

No other team has this affect on me. I mean for fucks sake, Eddie Lacy played at Seattle and I don’t make that connection. What about The Bus Jerome Bettis? I never thought that Le’veon Bell or James Conner were/are fat. I personally want more fat running backs in the NFL, but that’s just me.

I think if you are at the end of your career as a Running Back, you should lean into being fat. I want a chonk Frank Gore getting three yards per carry while eating a turkey leg. I need a fat Darren Sproles chugging down the field with his helmet bobbing, which if you haven’t seen him run in open space, it is art in motion. Summary, give me more fat running backs.

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