Common Man Comments

This weekend gave us a big upset, when Michigan fell to Wisconsin 14-35. I did what I love to do and dug through the Instagram comments. Here are my favorites.

Run, Run, short pass, punt….. maybe score a TD in between. Nothing like old school BIG 10

I think I was just drunk and thought it was funny that he said hame….HA idiot

This guy actually has some good points it just sounds sad. Poured his heart out to you in the comments for an hour plus. I wish I had that devotion to anything.

Sick brag that you graduated. Side note: if you ever want to annoy a UM alum. Say yellow and blue. They despise that color. The season is not over. If they lose to Ohio it’s done.

No one has ever heard of Clarkson high except for that one guy. Chill spartan dude. Also, Michigan state?

Once again, I was drunk, But one guy hit your click bait…idiot.

You’re also a bengals fan….. maybe sit on the Ohio state takes. You guys have supported Andy Dalton for years now.

So, maybe don’t cut the kid who has helped your team for the past few years. Also, I don’t think cut is the right word. Just leave him on the side of the road.

…and yet you comment

Thank you for sharing a descriptive quote from a hall of famer

Actually a good point, but let’s be honest. Anyone who comments this is looking for likes and attention. They are in the same category of the “I’m a young rapper” comment.

I love how UM fans use the yellow thing for an M. I always thought that was a downward thing. Anyway, my thought with fan pages is that it’s some 12 year olds kid who loves the school, but will have a total melt down when they don’t get in.

I’m almost certain that this is a terrorist threat

Last but not least, hare6190 is out here letting you know the truth. THE PEOPLE WANT THE TRUTH. THERE WAS A BLOWN CALL. I’M NOT SURE WHAT CALL BUT THAT WAS A BLOWN CALL IN THE BIG GAME BY THE TEAM.

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