Is it Time to #getoutthekitchens?

I have had time to digest last night. It hurt, but I’m back. My boy Baker has looked off all year. The confidence isn’t there. I am fully ready to overreact and point fingers. All fingers are pointed towards Freddie.

Everyone already knows that questionable 4th and 9 run call. Besides that, he has made weird personnel changes pulling a back-up tight end and running back. They ran the 22 offense at the end of last year and it worked. I’m not sure what made him change his mind, but we need to get more protection for Baker so he has time in the pocket.

It is time for him to give up play calling. Freddie is a great players coach, but he’s not ready for the play calling side of things. Give that to Todd Monken. He did great with the Bucs last year.

Full Disclosure, I wanted Gregg Williams to be the coach in the off season, but I didn’t hate Freddie. I still don’t hate Freddie. I just want him to do whats best for the team. Let’s not blow it up just yet.

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