Gut Reaction: Daniel Jones

Let’s not get carried away with Daniel Jones. Also, I pray that this kid doesn’t want to be called Daniel like he’s Matthew Stafford or Mitchell Trubisky. Don’t be a douche. You’re Dan. Get over it.

He gave the Giants life that hasn’t been seen this season. He completed 63.9 % of all passes for two touchdowns and 336 yards. Just based off that stat, he looked great! The Bucs defense is solid and underrated. They were able to get key turnovers and stops…except for the end.

Daniel Jones is the New York Giants equivalent of the girl you think is going to be with you forever in high school. You spend some good years together, but ultimately you end up going to college to get a better more “open” option Daniel Jones is a place holder for the next New York QB. Right now, Sam (doesn’t need his name

It was honestly a very good start, but I’m not full sold on the kid yet. After all he did ruin my bold prediction Monday from last week.

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