I’m Upset I Didn’t Know About Gardner Minshew Earlier

What nickname are we going with? Glorious Gardner? Gardner of Eden? Tom Delong, because I Minshew I Minshew? That last one was a stretch, but that works when you talk about Gardner and his post game routine. As you’ve already heard, this man stretches naked after games. This guy is a legend, but it goes deeper than that.

On a recent episode of Barstool sports, Pardon My Take, Gardner was on and spoke about his time at Washington state. He told a story about how he smashed his hand with a hammer to try to keep a year of eligibility. He finished the story by saying ” This is what I’m willing to do for more football. What are you willing to do?” He brings that intensity to every aspect of his life.

This kid is an electric factory. His post game apparel and previously mentioned, lack of post game apparel, have taken DUUUUVALL by storm. He is the hero Jags fans need. They over paid for Nick Foles and drafted this kid late. He has that intangible intelligence that you don’t see with a lot of young QBs. He managed to pull a 4.0 during his time at Washington State.

Last thing I’ll say before I end this post, that mustache is wonderful. Every man should aspire to have facial hair that puts Fitzmagic to shame.

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