Week 3 Games to Watch and Fantasy Advice

Last week was a great week for my picks. I went 3-2, 2-2 if you don’t count the Patriots gimme against Miami. I am going to keep a running tally through this year and show you all how credible my takes are. Now lets dig in to week 3.

Thursday Night: Jags vs. Titans

The game that defined Thursday night. We all remember the receding hair line helmets that that unfortunately matched the beloved Blake Bortles. What about the awful golden mustard Jaguars jersey? So, I guess this is just all bad for the Jags it’s going to continue this way. Gardener Minshew is the bright spot for this Jags team, but their star corner, Jalen Rammsey, will likely suit up for the Jags for the last time. Marcus Mariota has been inconsistent all year, but I expect him to heat up, and with Mike Vrabel coaching them, the Jags will be out coached.

Prediction: Titans win with only three total touchdowns scored between them.

Ravens vs. Cheifs

This one is going to be an absolute offensive battle. Lamar and Pat are two of the best young QBs and are slinging right now. Either of these QBs are a safe play in fantasy week 3. I think the difference maker is the Baltimore defense. If you haven’t noticed their pretty good and Kansas City’s is ehhhh. This has all the potential to be another Rams vs. KC match up from last year.

Prediction: Ravens win by a score. Both Qbs throw over 350

Dolphins vs. Cowboys

Hear me out. This game is going to be a Fantasy farm, but that’s not why I’m watching. Rosen gets the start this week, so I am going to be pulling for him. To top that, It is a revenge game for Taco Charlton who just got picked up from the Cowboys on the 19th. The Dolphins are set for a big game.

Prediction: Zeke runs through their entire team and the Dolphins lose but score another touchdown bringing the season total to 2.

Panthers vs. Cardinals

This is an important win for the developing Cardinals. They are in a tight division where everyone has two wins, everyone except for them. They have a very young talented team. I honestly think their issue is their coaching. Last week, they had multiple red zone chances where it came to fourth and short. Kliff decided to send out the special teams unit. You can’t call yourself an offensive minded coach and then not take chances like that. Carolina will be without Cam Newton, but they will have Christian McCaffery who should see plenty of touches this week. Also, Luke is still out there playing linebacker so he will keep it close.

Prediction: Cardinals win by a slim margin.

There will be plenty of injury replacement games to watch this week, but these match ups caught my attention.

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