An Evening Quickie: Antonio Brown Cut by Everyone

What can I say that hasn’t been said. Antonio we all rooted for you. This could have been an opportunity for you to change. You could have performed on the field and finally won a ring. Instead you got dropped by a HELMET SPONSOR. I get Nike leaving your ass, but Xenith made the news by cutting their endorsement deal. I didn’t even know Xenith was a real brand, I thought it was something EA Sports made for Madden. They managed to make the news off of your name.

I always knew Antonio was crazy. With most great talent comes insanity. But also..

Exhibit A

I MEAN COME ON. All jokes aside, I’ll be honest, I Heard the first accusation and I was willing to wait and see through innocence until proven guilty. Then there was the doctor with the farting. That was strange, but I started tilting my opinion towards the negative. The last accusation came in, and I was out. Antonio Brown, you not only sexually harassed someone, you threatened their kids in the process. For that you are a scum bag. I used to have nothing but respect for you, but now I honestly hate that I have to give you more attention with this blog post. I don’t care that this will get a small amount of attention, if any, its more than you deserve. On behalf of everyone, Just. Fuck. Off.

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