Blast From the Past and Where are They Now? Marcus Vick

Growing up a fan of Boston College football in the early 2000’s, I knew Marcus Vick’s name really well. He was a top QB prospect in 2001 and would Commit to Virginia Tech, the same college where his brother played, for the 2002 season. The VT fans were pumped to have another Vick under center. It did not pan out. He ended up having to red shirt his freshmen year, and then he played seven total games in his sophomore season including a huge upset win over Miami. His speed impressed, but his decision making skills were sub par. In writing, we call that foreshadowing.

He would have several run ins with the law during the 2004 season, including having sex with a minor and providing alcohol to minors. Later that year, he was charged with reckless driving and possession of marijuana. As a result, he lost a year of eligibility and was suspended for that season.

He would return in 2005 and have a career year, leading the Hoakies to a national championship. They would unfortunately lose that game, but they put up an 11-2 record. The season was not without controversy, He would end up flipping off West Virginia fans and later stomping on the leg of Louisville defensive end, Elvis Dummervil.

2006 Would be the year Virginia Tech finally dismissed Vick after nine traffic offenses and multiple marijuana charges against him. He would later declare for the draft. He wasn’t selected, but ended up signing as an undrafted free agent to the Dolphins. He would bounce around the NFL and end his career the same year with one game played.

So, where is he now? Short answer: in jail. He was arrested in 2017 for felony drug possession charges. He has spent most of his life after football in prison or court. He did everything from speeding away from a bike cop in pursuit, to falsifying financial documents. It’s honestly a shame to see someone who had so much talent throw it all away for bad decision making. Let’s not make this a debate over players ability to smoke weed. Marcus had a laundry list of other legal issues and Marijuana was only a small detail of them. This is just another example of a player throwing away a career for dumb decisions.

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