A view of the Dolphins Week 2 From Instagram: A Collection

Okay. I need to get some serious sports views before we get into this. I want to agree with the Miami fans, and say that it’s time for Rosen to start. He came out and looked really good! His receivers looked awful and dropped beautiful chances. Then he almost tore his knee and was throwing like garbage, but in his defense, his O-line gave up. It’s time for Miami to tank and rebuild. Change the culture.

Now, one of my favorite things to do is go on Instagram and look at the comments under a post from a big loss. For today’s Common Man Comments (working tittle) I bring you a selection from this post.

We start with the top comments here.

The usual clickbait, “like if” comes after Tyler….. “ not going to try your last name because I might become racist” would like to pull the Frank Reynolds.

Now we see a hot take. You are going to call your team the worst in football history after week 2? You might be right.
A Browns fan
Is this a humble brag? It sounds like a humble brag….
Another hot week 2 take. They already want Brian Flores out. That’s ludacris. Give your coach a chance to build even if no one wants to play there.
-signed once again,
A Browns fan who supported Hue Jackson
Last but not least, the clear solution to your problems. Draft another young QB, after trading for a young QB, so you can build a chain of unsuccessful young QBs that get eaten up by the league.

I don’t know what the answer to Miami’s awful team is, but I know what they’re going through. I had to live in New England when the browns went 0-16. I at least had hope they would win a game. I really don’t see any wins in Miami’s future.

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