Jameis Winston’s Time is Almost Up in the Bay

Jameis, what happened to you. You were an All American in 2013. The Heisman and National Championship were all yours in 2013-14. Then you went on to be the number one overall pick in 2015, and you won rookie of the year that same year, because that’s how rookies work.

Now, what are Tampa fans Left with? A crab shell of a man (that’s a crab leg joke for those of you who missed it). He has had constant character issues off the field. Usually, fans can look past that if that player performs on game day. Jameis hasn’t been able to perform at all though. I previously mentioned how in week one he looked like when you play Madden with your brother and he just throws it up and prays. Thursday night, he looked awful in the first half. He made dumb throws and looked awful in the pocket. He showed glimmers of hope in the second half, but the Bucs defense really won the game for them in the end.

I don’t have a transition so here is fat Jameis

Jameis has to turn this season around. Bruce Arians is a fantastic coach and the Bucs front office has done a good job building a strong team, but you are only as strong as your weakest link. Please see picture above for the weakest link. At his worst, he is the 32nd best starter in the NFL. At his best, he is an above average QB that can bring you to a .500 record every year.

Jameis is on the direct path to become the next Journeyman back up QB. If the Bucs are smart, they will draft another Qb in this years draft and move on from this inconsistent mess. #TankforTua

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