BOLD Prediction Monday(9.15.19)

For a while, we have had a group chat topic called Bold Prediction Monday. We all decided to bring this to you all. We want to hear your hot takes in the comments and we want to hear what you think of our takes as well. Let’s get started.


Miami is going 0-16 which isn’t an insane take, but the Giants will be in the same boat. They looked better this week, but you can only do so much with what you have. Especially, when you still have faith in Eli and his dumb face. I’ll do my too early draft spot predictions, #1 Miami #2 NY Giants #3 Washington #4 Tampa #5 Arizona.


What the hell is going on with kicking in the NFL right now? Vinny is missing left and right, Gostkowski is, well just plain missing. And the BEARS, the team who lost in the wildcard round to the Eagles won their past game to the Broncos on, you guessed it, a field goal. I think most people will be surprised when the kicking landscape changes drastically within the next 2-3 weeks. At least Justin Tucker is still doing his thing. I think Vinny is done this season. And Gostkowski is in his last season with the Pats. He’s been given a huge leash over the past couple of seasons, but there have been games where he has almost lost it for the Pats, including TWO Superbowls.


Cam Newton will be benched. Coming off yet another unimpressive performances so far, the Panthers don’t have much options other than looking to Kyle Allen to maybe bring life to this offense.

Ben Roethlisberger retires after the season. With two star players lost over two years for the Steelers, Big Ben remaining injury prone, and Mike Tomlin still running the team, I don’t see how this team can remain a success for this season. Big Ben is done… he was done 3 years ago but still feels he has something left in the tank. That has to be gone by now. The Steelers are 0-2, Their top receiver Juju Smith-Schuster had an injury scare last week, and now James Conner with a possible knee injury, this team is crashing, hard.

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