Boston Needs A Championship

With the Bruins loss of the Stanley Cup Finals still lingering, the embarrassing Red Sox season winding down, and the Patriots finally back, I’m thinking to myself it’s been a rough few months and Boston deserves another championship.

For those of you who don’t know, it’s EXCEPTIONALLY hard being a Boston sports fan. You know the possibility of making the playoffs in every major sport is imminent, so the hope stays throughout the entire season, usually down to the last few games, that a team has or hasn’t made the playoffs. This is EXHAUSTING. We can only take so much as fans. We put our expectations for teams so high, that when playoffs are out of the question, we, as fans, are just brutally broken.

Furthermore, the off-season is almost always miserable. The thought of losing a star player always sits in the back of your mind because you never, ever, EVER, know what might happen in the City of Champions. I’ll give you the perfect example too; rumors are currently flooding the Red Sox clubhouse and its fan base that Mookie Betts or J.D. Martinez could be traded this offseason to undercut the luxury tax. Am I supposed to just sit here aimlessly throughout the offseason and pray it doesn’t happen??? Reminisce on the amazing abilities these players brought to the Red Sox? This is unjust and unfair for fans.

Point is, we as fans can’t and don’t deserve to wait until February every year for a possibility at another championship. The Patriots can’t do all the work. The Bruins were close, but not close enough. The last time they won was 2011, way too long. The Celtics are even worse at over 10 years now. The Red Sox are still a great time just not lucky this year.

Us Boston sports fans are SPOILED, and all the success of our teams has most definitely gone to all of our heads. I’ll be the first to admit that. But, we’ve also been lucky enough to experience teams that are contenders in whatever league 99.9% of the time. We’ve been so lucky, in fact, that our expectations have risen this high, where we expect our teams to make playoffs. With this knowledge though, we know that when one of our teams don’t win a championship, make playoffs, whatever, we know next year that team will come back stronger and wiser than previous years. Sometimes a loss hurts, but in Boston, it only means the downhill slope before reaching the peak. We as fans must keep strong and get ready for the rise.

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