NFL Week 2: What to Expect

Week one is over and done with. The story of week one was the young players making their mark, however, this week is going to be a different story. There were some high profile names that have new homes and didn’t make much of an impact.. This week is a mix bag of divisional rivalries and trash games. I’ll run down the games that I’m keeping an eye on this week.

Thursday Night Football: Carolina vs. Tampa Bay

Carolina played smash mouth football and barely lost to the Rams. Christian McCaffery looked like a white wild cat that took over the offensive side of the ball for Carolina, when Cam Newton looked below average. Below average Qbs are going to be the story of this game. Carolina has done a good job surround Cam with young talent in recent drafts, but he just hasn’t looked the same since his 2015 self. Tampa has taken a same path with Jameis, but he just loves throwing the ball to the wrong team in recent years. This man has one of the most underrated players in the NFL in Mike Evans and still can’t do shit, even in a contract year.

Prediction: Jameis falls further. Christian tears them apart. Carolina walks out victorious

Baltimore vs. Arizona

Lamar Jackson Fantasy owners enjoy these first two weeks. There is no way that Lamar comes out and doesn’t have another powerful performance. It’ll be interesting to see Kyler in this match up. He is facing a much better team in Baltimore. I’m not taking anything away from Detroit, but I doubt Kyler will be able to put up 27 against the Baltimore defense.

Prediction: Baltimore steam rolls through Arizona

Lions vs. Chargers

I’m keeping an eye on this game soley because of the Lions. They are my sleeper team this year. Matthew Stafford finally has some weapons like Hockenson make their offense scary. The only concern I have for the offense is the Chargers powerful pass rush. The Lions O-line has to be mentally and physically ready for them to put their foot down on the gas and drive. On the other side of the ball, Austin Ekeler will have an increased workload with Hunter Henry out.

Prediction: Lions get close but fall short. Chargers win

Monday Night: Browns vs. Jets

This series has produced some awesome games the past few match ups despite the quality of the teams out there. I think the Browns underrated defense will finally show up and send a ton of pressure towards Darnold.

Prediction: The Browns win by two touchdowns

Game of the week: Steelers vs. Seahawks

My game of the week comes down to fat face big Ben and the Steelers playing against Russel, the former celibate, Wilson. I fully expect Clowney to return to his full form and break through the Steelers line and pressure Ben. I have less faith in the Seahawks secondary, so I expect JuJu to have a big game. This game will reveal a lot about who is legit and who is set for a disappointing season.

Prediction: Seahawks win a close game

You can miss it, Game of the week: Patriots vs. Miami

I get the fact that the Miami miracle gave dolphins fans a glimmer of hope last year, but this is a different Patriots team. Antonio Brown will be back, but Brady spreads the ball so well, I don’t expect him to have a big game.

Prediction: The Pats run away with it and the entire 53 man Dolphins roster demands a trade.

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