My Dumb Brain: Texas QBs

I don’t really know where to begin. The year was 2006. Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush were dominating college football. I was 11 years old and I remember watching the Rose Bowl and thinking how USC was going to steam roll this stupid orange team. Man was I wrong. Vince Young and his fat face did what he did all year and played really fucking good football. I hated Vince Young, but at the same time it planted this seed into my brain. Texas QBs are the Best QBs. Once again I was very wrong, but we are getting there so chill out and let me spell out my stupidity.

The next Texas QB would be the most Texas that any Texan has ever yeehaw’d. Colt McCoy. I remember hearing a story that his father threw Texas soil underneath his birthing mother to make sure his son was born on Texas soil. I still don’t know that is true, but 2009 James loved it. After a couple trips to Texas Roadhouse, I was all in on Colt McCoy. I was once again left at the college football alter, by Colt and his shoulder. I would go on to support him all the way to the Browns…we all make mistakes.

Speaking of big mistakes, Johnny Manzeil. I was all in on Johnny Football. I saw him beat Bama with the help of Mike Evans and I was praying that this kid went to the Browns. At this point, I am 0-3 on college to pro predictions (0-4 but we aren’t going to talk about Brady Quinn because Ohio isn’t Texas. Facts only).

We now fast forward to the present day; I fell for a fiery Baker Mayfeild. It was perfect for me, a Texas-born QB that didn’t play stay with a Texas school. You would think that he renewed my faith in Texas QBs. Not even close! I waited all last year to see Pat Mahomes fall apart. He still hasn’t. Texas has yet another fantastic young QB, Sam Elinger. This kid gave Texas fans at College Station the idea that “Texas is Back.” Based on my record above, I refuse to believe it.

Now granted, there are quarterbacks from Texas that I should have faith in, but I still don’t. Drew Brees is probably the best example, but he loses his Texan status with his Purdue education. Andrew Luck never made me feel confident for whatever reason. Also, what kind of Texan goes to Stanford? These are just bits of my dumb football brain.

One thought on “My Dumb Brain: Texas QBs

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