Is Hawaii the 2019 NCAA Cinderella Story ?

These past few weeks of college football have been amazing. The top four teams have shown why they are there, Texas and The U are definitely not back, and UNC have proved to be a tough underdog with Mack Brown. While everyone on the east coast sleeps, the west coast gets to watch what might be the Cinderella story of 2019, Hawaii football.

Hawaii managed to upset Arizona in week one with a thrilling 38-45 shootout where Arizona finished one yard short of the end zone to give them a chance to tie. Last week, the Warriors beat Oregon State in another tight match up that finished with a 28-31 scoreline. I will admit, Oregon state didn’t capitalize on multiple key opportunities and allowed turnovers to turn the tide in the favor of Hawaii.

Hawaii absolutely passes the eye test. Their offense looks solid in games that they should have lost. Their QB, Cole Mcdonald (had a farm) honestly looks pretty good. He is averaging 8.6 yards per attempt and has eight touchdowns with five interceptions and 799 yards. Sophomore wide receiver, Cedric Byrd, looks fantastic with 285 yards with 13.6 yards per reception and four touchdowns over two games.

The Warriors will face their two toughest opponents in the month. They play #23 Washington this week and finish the stretch with #22 Boise state. Washington has been a top PAC 12 team in recent years and Boise State handed a comeback upset to Florida State earlier this year, which I’m not really sure means anything, but that’s another blog post. For now, I recommend watching Hawaii this weekend and coming on back to your old pal James next week.

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