Week 1 in the NFL

Football is finally back ladies and gentlemen. Yelling at your fantasy team is back. Overreacting to your team is back. Once again, football is back. This week allowed rookies to shine. Ole Miss had two solid performances from former players. We saw two former Patriot coaches lead their team to an awful performance and a decent performance.

Falcons vs. Vikings

I sang the Matt Ryan praise for him to be a top 5 fantasy QB this year. I may have over shot it. He looked awful with 2 interceptions and a thrown away pass that was just god awful he looked like a bag of trash. Lets be honest. The Falcon have the potential to be a top three powerhouse offense, but only when Freeman, Ryan, Julio, and Ridley are all playing to their potential or even just a level close to that. We did not see that from Matt Ryan looked uncomfortable in the pocket and made questionable throws. That being said, Calvin Ridley and Julio did really well getting separation from their coverage.

Rams vs. Carolina

This game actually gave us a good view as to what is to come from these teams. The Ram’s defense looks as good as it did last year, despite Christian McCaffrey taking full control of offensive production. Cooper Kupp looked as reliable as ever and Todd Gurley’s knee appeared to not be a problem. The Rams desided to go with Malcom Brown for goal line stands which doesn’t bode well for Gurley’s fantasy owners. I’m not sold on the idea of the Rams making a deep playoff run again, but they definitely showed they are a team to fear.

Redskins vs. Eagles

Eagle fans….Case Keenum almost beat your team. 380 for 3? With a weak receiving core, that’s actually impressive. I wanted Guice to do more, but it’s hard when Trent Williams isn’t playing and the line is about as stable as my grandma on a paddle board. On the other side of the ball, Carson Wentz looked like he was a pre-season QB for the first quarter. After that, he turned it on for 313 yards and 3 TDs. Let’s not forget about D Jax, he looked like the original Philly version of him.

Jets vs. Bills

Good ol’ J-E-T-S, Jets. They still have faith in Sam Darnold 175 and 1 all day. He looked at Robby for most of the day and missed on a lot of those marks. In his defense, he was sacked 4 times so the Jets join the list of teams that are in desperate need for O-line help. Josh Allen didn’t look much better, but he had the ability to lean on Devin Singletary for an average of 17.5 a rush on 4 attempts and Gore for almost 2 yards per carry on 11 carries. Hey Buffalo, if you want to have a franchise QB, don’t let him run 10 times in a game and risk an injury.

Cheifs vs. Jags

Okay so at this point we should all be willing to admit that Pat Mahomes is the future of the NFL despite that no look pass that missed horrendously. Let’s talk about the rest of the game. Big Dick Nick is likely done for 6 weeks so that was money well spent. Tyreek Hill has a shoulder injury and I wouldn’t be surprised if he missed some extended time. Not only do they have Mecole Hardman waiting for his chance to break out but we’ll keep a close eye on Travis Kelce and “Sammy” Watkins. Watkins had a hell of a game with three touchdowns and 198 yards.

Miami vs. Baltimore

Judging the Dolphins on their season opener, we HAVE to ask ourselves; could they be the next 0-16? Fitzpatrick looked awful. The defense will be sending Lamar a “World’s Best Dad” mug for Fathers’ Day. He went off for 324 yards and 5 touchdowns with only three incompletions. Lamar really got the chance to show that he is not just a running back who can throw. He is a full blown Quarterback. “Hollywood Brown” showed off his ability to create separation. Ingram got the chance to show that he is an RB1 after being in Kamara’s shadow in New Orleans.

Browns vs. Titans

All the hype in the world couldn’t save poor Browns fans everywhere. Baker had no time in the pocket and made some poor decisions. OBJ looked solid. I love the expensive watch flex. Their defense allowed a ton of big plays to get through. One of which was a 2 yard screen that became a Titan record touchdown for Henry. Marcus is starting his campaign to prove that he is a top tier QB in the NFL with 248 for 3. If the Browns are going to live up to the hype, they need to focus on the offensive line and avoiding dumb penalties. I’m looking at you, Robinson.

49ers vs. Bucs

Jameis….Sweet, sweet Jameis…..You are in a contract year, what on earth are you doing? If your season keeps up like this, Tampa should move on from you and get a young QB who is ready to perform every week. Jameis plays football like your little brother plays football on Madden. Tap a button and hope for the best. Spoiler alert: “The best” was 3 interceptions. On the other side of the ball, Jimmy was saved by every one of his receivers around him. I’m not ready to get back on the Jimmy G train quite yet, but this was a good start. George Kittle needs to be ready to carry his team. The San Fran secondary didn’t look fantastic, but when Kwon was ejected, the LB core stepped up.

Colts vs. Chargers

Austin Ekeler, you son of a bitch. I remember the night of my fantasy draft too well… I saw you sitting there looking like temptation. There’s no way he can fill in for Melvin Gordon right? I was wrong. He proved that he has what it takes to fill in for a top 10 RB. Despite the loss, Jacoby Brissett filled in pretty well for having big shoes to fill and we will see how well he fits into those shoes on Week 2. The Chargers’ pass rush is no joke and he stood in for 190 yards and 2 touchdowns . Even though they are 0-1, you have to be optimistic about how the Colts looked.

Bengals vs. Seahawks

Despite the Seahawks barely edging out a win at 21-20, a charging Bengals offense surprisingly looked solid. The absence of A.J. Green will always be noticed, but Andy Dalton looked like usual first quarter of the year Andy. He threw for 418 yards and 2 touchdowns. Losing Joe Mixon does hurt to much, but the Bengals are hoping to recover from their previous season form at a 6-10 record. Now for the Seahawks. I will forever feel body shamed by the pre-draft pictures of D.K. Metcalf. He managed to get 89 yards with 4 receptions. He looks like the perfect fit for a hole left by WR Doug Baldwin.

Giants vs. Cowboys

Okay Dak, we see you. Eli started the game strong with a solid pass to Evan Engram. Saquon went for over 100 yards with no touchdowns, but you really can’t do everything. Dak looked half competent as a QB and got 4 touchdowns on the day. Spreading the field really well including one to Jason Witten and his hair plugs. Jerry world went wild and gave the state of Texas something to cheer about this weekend.

Lions vs. Cardinals

I’ll be the first to admit it, I thought Kyler Murray was going to be a bust. With very average wide receiver options, he was able to get 2 touchdowns with only 1 interception. Christian Kirk made good steps to become WR1 when Murray’s go-to Fitzgerald, finally retires. Matthew Stafford actually looked competent today. This was a match up of quarterbacks that I thought would under perform this year. He threw 385 and 3 TDs which a really good day. It ended in an anti-climatic tie, but it was nice to have football to bring us into the prime time game.

Steelers vs. Pats

Well fuck….where do I begin….This AFC rivalry has produced some of the best games in recent years. Josh Gordon looked ready to take the league by storm. This was not one of those games. Every single player on the Patriots roster looked like they were competing for the top spot at their individual position. The Patriots are as dangerous as ever. The Steelers are a different story. Big Ben looked awful, JuJu was locked up all night, and James Conner couldn’t get anything started. The Steelers current form clears a path for the Begnals and Ravens to take an early jump into first place, while the Patriots are already cleaning a space for their next trophy.

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