Patriots Are Going Undefeated

I’ve been saying this since training camp and everyone kept telling me to see a therapist. After a few therapy sessions and some testing I’m just here to prove my point… The New England Patriots are going undefeated.

I know most of the country absolutely despises every Boston team and fan, but that’s fine with me. I’d be mad too if my home teams sucked and couldn’t win. Whether you’re a Pats fan or not, we are all in for an amazing season from an impressive team.

It’s game one and the Steelers are getting annihilated, and I fucking love it. Keep in mind, this isn’t even the full team. The NFL is in a lot of trouble this year. The Patriots got Tom Terrific leading the pack. THE FUCKING GOAT. This man has consistently proven, time and time again, that he can still play like no other even at 42 years old. 341 passing yards and 3 touchdowns tonight. That should be enough for an incredible, playoff-bound season. But there’s more! The Pats’ wide receiver core is virtually unstoppable. Not only do they have Edelman still tearing up defenses, but Josh Gordon is back. Flash Gordon is still an unreal receiver and I personally love to watch him play. Add in Demaryius Thomas (for now), Phillip Dorsett II, N’Keal Harry later in the season, and Jakobi Meyers and we already have a great looking powerhouse of wide receivers. But then… What’s that? Antonio Brown? On the Patriots? CORRECT!!! ANTONIO BROWN IS A PATRIOT!!! If that doesn’t get you rock hard then I don’t know what to tell you, go see a doctor and get yourself checked out.

This is one of the most electric, unstoppable, scary-good offenses and I think every other team facing the Patriots this season might just be shitting themselves. Bill Belichick must be loving the thought of every team in the league being petrified. Tom Brady, Sony Michel, James White, Rex Burkhead, Antonio Brown, Josh Gordon, Demaryius Thomas, Julian Edelman, Phillip Dorsett II; it’s just unreal. The offensive line played great tonight too; they look promising in keeping Brady safe and the defense played nothing short of amazing.

If this is any sign how the season is gonna go, I cannot wait to watch this team climb to new heights. An “Undefeated Season Super Bowl Champs” banner wouldn’t look terrible in Gillette either. As Instagram Brady and Edelman would say, “LFG”!

2 thoughts on “Patriots Are Going Undefeated

    1. I don’t think Thomas leaving is that much of a hit. They have Dorsett who has been one of my favorite underrated players in that organization for the past couple years. They will need more production out of Sony in the backfield, but they will be fine.


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